Beauty Things I Suck At Tag 🎀💋

Recently I was asked if there was anything that I still needed to master in makeup/hair. I felt this went perfectly with this tag. Remember you don’t need makeup to be beautiful. You all are beautiful in your own way.😘

  1. Gel Eyeliner/Winged Liner: I’m sure for many of you out there it can be so difficult in the application process to “perfect” your look, without going overboard. We all don’t want raccoon eyes so I recommend a gel liner because it’s much easier to apply & much neater.
  2. Filling in My Eyebrows: I never have filled in my eyebrows but I’ve been thinking about it lately. I usually use a clear brow gel by Bobbi Brown. I don’t want to go past my natural brow line, or draw them too thick. I like my natural eyebrows so I don’t think I’ll be doing this anytime soon. 
  3. Applying Self-Tanner: Every girl in the winter wants that sun goddess, bronze look. I’ve always seen fails on YouTube of people trying to do this. I prefer to spray tan occasionally in the summer. I’m naturally tan in the summer, but sometimes when it gets closer to fall I want that glow.

Painting my Nails: I used to have this habit of biting my nails. I finally stopped & started buying tons of nail colors, but was never good at painting/designing my nails. I go to Gloss in Melrose to get my nails done. They do an incredible job & are always sweet. 
All photos can be found on the Sephora & Ulta Websites. Thank you for reading, I hope you all enjoyed. Have a wonderful day! 😊

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