July Favorites

I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone. I’m ready for August, but sad it’s almost back to school. I’ve been guilty of being a shopaholic this month…but who wouldn’t be its summer. ☺️ My first fashion favorite is a very boho look you can find at almost any store. I found all these pictures from Pinterest. I love that these pieces are very versatile & can be switched to fit any look you’re going for. My next fashion favorite would be the classic Brandy Melville Graphic Tee. Who doesn’t love coffee? I thought this would be good for a day outside, or a bonfire put later at night with some leggings. It’s very effortless & cute. My last look I found would be great for a party. It’s from JCrew. I love sparkle so if you’re girly like me you’ll love this. This is nicely paired with a black skirt like in the photo. You could also add a pair of heels to complete the outfit.

   Now on to beauty favorites. My favorite brush set recently has been my Sonia Kashuk set from Target. It’s totally affordable, & works wonderfully. It’s also in my favorite color so it makes it that much better. It’s a 10 piece brush set with everything a girl needs. Next, I have been crazy about this mascara in my Birchbox this month called W3LL People Expressionist Mascara. I’ve used it almost every day this month. A great tip about this mascara it has no chemicals or dyes so it won’t irritate sensitive skin. You can find this at Birchbox.com

  Music has been great this month but two songs I can’t get out of my head are All Eyes on You by Meek Mill (ft. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj) the other has been a really powerful song I heard by Shane Harper called Hold you Up. You should check them out on YouTube they’re great. I’ve been saving the best for last here are my random favorites. As you all know I’ve been obsessing over Pinterest if you saw my last post. Another favorite has been Alisha Marie or Macbby11 on YouTube. I love all her videos and the passion that she has to do what she does. You should always “Love What you Do & Do what You Love”. It’s very inspiring.

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