Accepting The Liebster Award


Today I am accepting the Liebster Award from Shelby Howell. Her blog is very fun to read you should check it out. She has an amazing sense of style, and is so sweet! The Liebster Award is given out to bloggers just starting out to gain exposure for others to see their content. Whoever is given this award is asked to answer a few questions. 

  1. Why did you start blogging? The reason I started blogging as a way to express my love for fashion/beauty through writing. I’ve always loved writing so I thought what better way to do what you’re passionate about, & share it with people who feel the same.
  2. Why did you pick your blog name? It was hard choosing a name for my blog. I wanted something that had my name on it, so I ended up picking Beauty By Hailey Xo.
  3. How often do I post? During the school year, I try to post on the weekends since I’m super busy. If it’s summer I post all the time, but it just depends on the day. I don’t like to feel pressured to always be posting I like taking my time to show you all my best work.
  4. What is your favorite movie & why? Well, I’m torn between two of my favorite movies. The first being The Notebook. Who couldn’t love the hunky Ryan Gosling? Btw he will forever be my Man Crush Monday…just sayin. His role in this movie I loved. The way Nicholas Sparks wrote the story was genius, telling a classic love story where a love as strong as Noah & Allie’s could never be broken. My next favorite movie would have to be Breakfast At Tiffany’s with the ever so gorgeous Audrey Hepburn. She is my idol! 😍 Something you may not know about me is I love old movies from the 1940s. Audrey Hepburn has always been my favorite actress & this has been her best film in my opinion. I think she’s just like me loving the latest trends & jewels. I’m a girly girl at heart just like Holly.
  5. What keeps you motivated? For me I’ve always been my own motivator. I love feeling the sense of accomplishment once I’ve put my mind to something. Once you tell me I “won’t” or “can’t” do what I want in my life I will prove you wrong. I would say I’m a pretty driven person & I know what I want.
  6. What is your favorite blog post? My favorite post is the 5 Tips to a Happier Life. I love giving advice to people & writing about personal experiences. It’s one of my favorites.
  7. What makes you keep blogging? Writing has always been an interest of mine & I never want to stop. Doing what I love gives me happiness & motivation to keep doing this for you all reading, & myself.
  8. Favorite type of blog posts to write about? Fashion. Fashion has always been my favorite thing ever since I was little. I remember watching Rachel Zoe on T.V. and saying I want to be just like her when I grow up. Seeing all the amazing experiences fashion stylists encounter on their day to day jobs was so fascinating to me. Right then & there I  decided what I wanted as my dream.
  9. Hobbies other than blogging? Yoga, Running, Volleyball, Makeup, Reading, Singing, Photography, Traveling, Fashion.
  10. Best and worst blogging decisions? My best would have to be not being afraid of what others may think of me starting a blog & doing what I wanted. My worst would be my first post not knowing what things to narrow it down to when writing my January Favorites. 😬
  11. What is my dream job? I want to become a fashion stylist, living my dream in the Big Apple.

Now my favorite part nominating bloggers.

Sydney from

Grace from Get Glam Grace on YouTube

Karin from

My questions for you are as follows!

  1. If you could live in a certain time period where would it be & why?
  2. Where did you meet your true love?
  3. What are your favorite stores to shop at? (Makeup, Fashion)
  4. Where is your dream destination spot?
  5. If you only could pack 5 makeup items in your makeup bag on a vacation what would they be?
  6. Who is your idol?
  7. What do you consider “your” sense of style?
  8. Tell the story of how you decided to become a blogger.
  9. If you were to meet a celebrity who would it be?
  10. What are your favorite new or upcoming T.V shows?
  11. What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone & why?
  12. What is a T.V show or movie you wish could come back?

Thank you all for so much love & support. I wouldn’t be receiving this award if it wasn’t for you all. 😘😘 Xo

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