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I finally caved & am cleaning my closet for the fall. Who else is excited? I know I am. Let me know in the comments what is your favorite part of fall is. Everyone is always asking me where I get all my clothing/accessories so I decided I would do this tag for you all. Let’s get started!

  1. What’s one of the oldest items in your closet? One I can think of would be my Jonas Brothers t-shirt from 2005. My 1st love is still Nick Jonas even though he’s with Kendall Jenner. What do you think of them as a couple? Let me know.
  2. What is the newest item in your closet? The most recent item I’ve purchased would be my boho bag from the amazing Kay Couture Designs. She makes great bags & accessories. 
  3. Most expensive items in your closet? This is hard to decide on. I love Vineyard Vines & Michael Kors. Those brands are some of my favorites. 
  4. The most affordable item you use a lot? I love my blender bottles. I know it’s a little random but I love making smoothies. I use them all the time. My favorite is my hot pink one obviously. 
  5. Biggest bargain? My most recent bargain I got was at Francesca’s. I got an adorable cowgirl hat for a Jason Aldean concert coming up. You’ll see the picture shown above.
  6. Biggest waste of money? I forget what my biggest waste of money was. I know I’ve bought clothing that I’ve never worn but that’s about it.
  7. 3 favorite items right now? I don’t know where all of these items are from but my mom got them for me. First, my suede beige blazer that would go nicely with my black booties & my Blair Waldorf inspired headband. I thought this outfit was very fall appropriate.☺️ 
  8.  Most colorful items in your wardrobe? I have two pink tops one from Vineyard Vines & the other from American Eagle. I love them both. 
  9. Favorite item you’ve gotten as a gift? Hint I may or may not be wearing this to Homecoming 😉 This was a surprise for all the hard work I’d put in through freshman year. I was so happy when I received this. 
  10. Most comfortable item? I love sweaters for the colder months. I always reach for them for school especially this one. I love how glittery it is! 😊 
  11. Outfit of the day? 
  12. Favorite black item? Favorite white item? I combined this one & just did one outfit. This is usually what I would wear if I’m working out. My running jacket is from Lululemon & my yoga pants are Calvin Klein. 
  13. Where do you shop at most? I would consider myself a shopaholic so I shop at a lot of places. ☺️ If I had to narrow it down to a few I would say Vineyard Vines, Nordstrom, Francesca’s.

Stay tuned next week I’ll be doing posts about what to wear to a country concert. Xo 💋💋

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