D.I.Y Positivity Jar

Lately I’ve been into finding ways to spice up my room for fall. I thought using a mason jar would work for multiple things not just one season. I made a positivity jar for myself. I have anxiety and sometimes it’s very hard to just “have a good day”, so I thought it would be a really fun project for me. For anyone who has the same issue your not alone. Many people in the world think “I’m the only one” your not. Even people who are your best friends could be stuggling. I’ve learned to try and make the most of every moment in life, and to not let anxiety define me. For this D.I.Y I started by painted my mason jar in a light pink shade. Next I just added my favorite things inside the jar. You could add quotes, sayings, or the best thing that happened to you that day. It’s so simple and can be a huge boost to your day. Give one to a friend it might inspire them to do the same. P.S. Go support Loaki Bracelets for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I picked mine up today from The Paper Store. They’re so cute and support a great cause. 💓


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