Sunday Reads – The Sweet Life

After hours of not wanting to get out of bed I made it to happy place (the book store). I picked up a new novel from one of my favorite YouTubers Dulce Candy. Not only is she a businesswoman,but also a voice for people around the world. Sharing her story on embracing fear, finding your true passion and going with it. Emphasizing “The Sweet Life”. Life isn’t always going to be easy, but just finding the sweetest moments in every day of your life. Dulce also wrote about some very personal connections to her past. About knowing your self-worth and inner beauty. When first starting out as a young adult she explained she had very low self esteem issues, and didn’t have any clue as what she wanted to become when graduating high she enlisted in the military. There in Iraq she found herself becoming infatuated with the online world we know as YouTube. There she made videos about fashion and makeup never thinking her channel would become as big as it did. 2010 filming in the back of her closet. Years later having a following of 2 million subscribers tuning each week wondering what she’d post next. This was huge! Her life wasn’t always that way… She later tells readers that her life growing up wasn’t all that easy with her Dad being gone in Califorina & her Mom and sisters stuck in Mexico. They knew they had to get out fast so they crossed the borders headed for a new life in America. Skipping over the teen years (you’ll find out later.) Dulce Candy found herself in the middle of a war zone. Thinking the military wasn’t so bad was an understatement. Walking off the bus to the only people greeting you swearing and screaming. This experience was a wake up call for Dulce. She had survived basic training, learning to play by their rules not making up her own. Sharing that without the military she wouldn’t be the woman she is today. This is where she found herself. (emotionally and physically). She was pushed to limits she didn’t know she had, and discovered new things about herself every day. The girl who once looked in the mirror as doubtful and unsure had become a powerhouse! Soldiers in her camp viewed her as the “fashionista”of the group always experimenting with the latest trends in magazines. Once her contract was up with the military she had to decide what she wanted in her life. She chose her passion. You’ll have to read more to find out what happens next. I hope y’all enjoyed! Check out Dulce Candy’s book The Sweet Life if you want to know more. I want to leave you all with this little bit of advice I learned from a very special person in my life. ❤️ Know your self-worth. For anyone who doesn’t try to find it. Know that you ARE good enough and deserve what you set out to do. Anyone who tries to diminish that isn’t worth your time. Xo 💋


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