4 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your BFFs

Valentine’s Day can be all about romance, but it can also be about loving and appreciating the special people in your life right now. If your single this Valentine’s Day here are some fun things to do with your friends.

  1. Pampering Session (Girls Night In)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to splurge on the most important person YOURSELF. Solo or with your bff, set up a facial or massage just for you two. Not feeling like going out. You can always do your own spa night! It’s the perfect alternative. Usually on a night in I like to test out some new face masks, and nail polishes and just chill. Sometimes you just need a night to relax, light some candles, and watch Netflix.

2. Plan a Night Out

Instead of planning a fun night out with your boyfriend, spend a fun date night with your friends. Stereotypical or not, it’s still fun!  Go shopping! Find an outfit that screams you! This will make your day a whole lot better. Having an evening out is a perfect way to ensure you don’t feel lonely. Trust me I know how it feels. Sitting home getting all emotional over some Nicholas Sparks romance that you think you should have. It’s the worst! Make sure to have fun! 😊  

3. Make Time with Your Family

Whether it’s going out to dinner or just talking over coffee it’s good to catch up on what people are doing in their lives if you don’t get to see them often. It let’s them know you care. 

 4. Try Something New

Trying new things is always an awesome feeling. When trying something new I go into it with an open mind because you never know what could happen. Working out for example. I used to hate running and now I love it! Be adventurous!


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