The Kim K Game v.s. The Kendall & Kylie Game

As you all probably have guessed I love the Kardashians! Think what you want but they’ve always been my favorite celebrities since I was little. In the App Store Kim created her own game (story) mirroring her real life in Hollywood. Once you create your own character your catapulted into a world of fame, with none other than your manager and publicist Simon and Maria. They’ll help you navigate through jobs, romance, and many other things. When you arrive you can explore whatever you want the choice is up to you. When I first started the game I went straight to my closet scouring through all the fashion and makeup. You have to have options. ☺️  Once I got dressed in my best outfit I was all about TRAVEL! I went to Paris first and went on a date. Cheesy I know but I’m a sucker for romance. It was really fun! You can from there earn points boosting your relationship. The more dates you go on the more your relationship improves. 


This is also very similar to the Kendall & Kylie game that just got released. You again can create your own character but this time your a Vlogger. In case you guys don’t know what that is it’s a person who is a video blogger just like a YouTuber. You find a job at this hair salon and start making videos with your new friend Emily thinking nothing will happen… well your wrong. The video goes viral making you a internet sensation overnight! You happen to catch Kendall & Kylie Jenner one day at a party, and you become instant best friends. From then on you can become one of the most well-known people in the industry that is if you keep everyone interested. Have fun exploring! You’ll love it. 😊


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