My Love of Poetry

Why do I love poetry? Just as a song tells a beautiful story of a person through music, words do the same for me. Writing allows me to express my true feelings about myself and the world around me without saying a thing. This truly speaks volumes. I always loved writing and poetry since I was a little kid. I would always get caught in class doodling on papers and drifting off looking at the sky outside the window. Daydreaming always was a daily occurrence for me since I never felt like I belonged at school. It was my happy place.

I knew every day I could come into school that if one day I was ever by myself without a friend I could always write about anything! How wonderful my day was, or the drama that unfolded at lunch. There was always something that caught my eye no matter what it was. It was a part of me that I knew always belonged and that was never lost compared to many other aspects of my life. I could depend on it.

Recently I have been reading a book written by R.M. Drake named A Brilliant Madness. Many celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have posted his heartfelt messages on Instagram which made me intrigued to know more. I sat in Barnes and Noble for more than 2 hours sipping my latte, and by that time I knew I had to buy it since I’d already read a half the book. I seriously could live in a book store! I would never get bored. If you like his poetry you’ll definitely his books. Check out his website for more details!


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