The Beauty of Self-Confidence

Self-confidence to me means you’re telling the world who you are through your actions. Just as the definition says, every day is a choice. You can either choose to strive to be a better person each and every day, or dwindle into the darkness of self-doubt… caring way too much about other people’s opinions instead of your own. I was that person searching everywhere for self-approval from others. Good or bad I still wouldn’t feel complete inside like there was a piece missing. That’s because there was a whole chunk missing that hadn’t yet been explored. You can go your entire life letting the world rule you… But until you rule the world you’ll be living in its shadow. Go out & be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire!

In today’s age society puts a huge amount of pressure on us as people to be their version of perfect. Every day magazines are being sold promoting perfection. They want an actress/model who barely eats but looks good on camera, or a flawless face on the newest cover of Vogue. Doing this only shows us a world that it is more messed up than we thought. Models should be able to eat a burger and not worry that during their next casting call they won’t be cut because they are “overweight” and need to eat less. It’s not right! The world should focus on spreading positivity instead of hate. No one can ever live up to that expectation not even the most “perfect” person in this world. We are not defined by what society thinks but only how we view ourselves. Because if we let society cloud our thinking who would we be?

I can tell you what our world would look like. People would be roaming the streets without any luster in their eyes only sulking in misery. Our planet would slowly fade to black and white. Without the creative minds in this world, our society would only remain the same old boring place. My main goal for my blog is empowering people through my writing. I want to let people know that is okay to be different. Just because your best friend isn’t interested in the same thing as you are doesn’t make you any less of a person. It makes you who you are! You should celebrate that knowing that you are not like the rest of the crowd and that’s what makes you YOU.

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