La Vie en Rose

The quote reminds me of so much. A lot of you seeing this may not know the meaning because it is in French. There are many interpretations of this, but it is to live life through rose-colored glasses. This quote was spoken by one of my idols Audrey Hepburn. In the movie Sabrina Sabrina’s life unfolds in France when she is sent away to baking school by her father. She is in a very dark place battling her inner demons when she writes a letter. While in her hotel room she looks out on to the balcony hearing the words “La vie en rose” which translates to “Live life in pink.” Another translation in the film Audrey said was “I’m looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.”In the movie, Sabrina later returns from her trip and while at the train station she spots her old love David Larrabee. He barely even recognized her! Ironic right?! Many years ago when she saw him when she was a teen dreaming, but now she has grown into the sophisticated woman ready to tackle anything the world throws at her! Every time I look through my sunglasses I always imagine the world being pink. All the sadness in the world disappearing into the cracks beneath the pavement I walk on. I’ve come to realize that the world is not perfect, and sometimes you just have to smile seeing the world for the beauty that’s inside it, and not for it’s flaws. I have been thinking of ideas for a tattoo when I’m older and I think this would be perfect!

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