Sunday Reads – Life Uploaded Meeting Sierra Furtado

This Sunday I couldn’t put this book down. I’m already 200 pages deep. Life Uploaded tells the story of a popular YouTuber Harper (Sierra Furtado) trying to survive the hallways of high school dealing with best friend drama, bullies, and her rising career. As if that couldn’t be enough to juggle. She finds herself on a rooftop at a huge party with her new friend Ellie. The anxiety of the crowd is setting in. Harper feels out of place when suddenly she bumps into her ultimate Man-Crush Monday Dalton James! She almost freezes in his presence. With her eyes wide Harper lands a date with her favorite movie star! How could life get any better right?! There’s just one problem… an unknown Twitter troll known by the name of @ThatBitchHarper. This person somehow has been tracking her every move in the limelight and knows her entire existence. Harper’s golden lifestyle has taken a turn for the worst because this person knows her in her personal life and her professional life. I wonder who it could be? You’ll have to read the story to find out the rest.

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