Remembering a Beautiful Soul­čĺ×Amy Winehouse┬á

Amy Winehouse was a beautiful soul gone too soon. Her music inspired me in my darkest of times, getting me through the toughest times of my life. The lyrics behind her songs gave me a deeper appreciation for music. I grew up listening to various artists, but I was attracted to the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and many others. Some have called me an “Old Soul” and I honestly believe it when people say it. ┬áI started singing when I was really young and I always used to sing along to Amy’s song Wake Up Alone. Her words were complex for a young girl, some of which I didn’t understand at the time but I liked it. Amy’s sound was unlike anything I had ever heard before. It was golden to find this type of artist who was very young.

Amy had the stylings of a jazz singer twice her age. It was truly a gift to have! In the late intimate portrait of her life self- titled Amy released in 2015, her story was watched across the world and earned countless awards. Sharing such real moments throughout her short time on this planet gave her exorbitant amounts of recognition not just for the singer she was on the outside, but also the sweet person she was on the inside as well.

Starting her career in her early 20s, she said many times in interviews around the world that she didn’t believe she would ever become an overnight sensation.┬á She thought she probably couldn’t handle all the repercussions the fame had to follow. It’s heartbreaking in the end because he was correct about her fears of fame.┬á ┬áIt was the one thing that destroyed her. She was just a woman with a gift. That’s all she wanted to share with the world. Rest in peace Amy.

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