The Story Behind the Name “Beauty by Hailey”

Over the past couple of years with my outreach of exposure pouring into my site along with my viewers, many people have asked why I made the decision to entitle my blog “Beauty by Hailey.”

I’m here to tell the story of how my words that flood my pages became the basis of inspiration for a new look on life. I was just headed into seventh grade and realized that there was a very creative & inspirational community known as YouTube/blogging. This allowed individuals to upload content daily to a shared space where others felt they could have a voice in a fast-paced society. Truly, it was something amazing and something I wanted to be a part of! For the first time in my life, I felt as if I was taking the right steps towards my future. Through YouTube, I had begun to notice the rise of young women just like myself posting to their platforms daily. Without discovering this online community, I may have never found the inspiration to create my own blog. My true passion was writing!

Writing let my soul shine in a place where it only felt darkness at the time. It was my safe space where I could pen anything that came to mind and I could watch my ideas come to life. Writing long papers in class turned into free-writing which now has become my website. It is my place of safety in-between the lines on a page. I wanted my viewers to get a deeper view of the world through my own eyes. Things that were truly beautiful to me, I spoke upon & wrote. The little things in life always seemed to captivate my mind.

I didn’t know it at the time but this was my voice. The voice that was too scared to speak up, the voice that believed that I was only a small fraction of what mattered in school, the voice that once believed I was never going to break out of my shell and become something of myself. This voice soon became my writing. I no longer wanted to be this scared shell of a person. I wanted to defy every odd that was stacked against me. Doing this small action everyday, I had seen the shift between passion and existence. I wasn’t put on this earth to exist. I want to live life to the fullest potential, grab every opportunity I possibly could, and be the voice of hope that I always needed as a kid for others.

Blogging my innermost passions gave me the inspiration to keep pursuing my dreams and to NEVER give up no matter the circumstances because you are the one who creates your future. No one else will do it for you. As a person, you have to find that energy within yourself to push towards what you crave.

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