Every night I come to the same conclusion. I stay up too late looking at the stars outside my window yet I complain of being sleep-deprived. I drink my coffee black & bitter yet I complain I want sweetness. It is a constant battle between want and need…a constant change between darkness & light…the darkness of the midnight sky and the lightness of the summer sun.

Maybe it is just the writer in me but I find ideas always flooding into my mind in the nighttime…ideas, memories, past experiences, everything!   I view the nighttime as the best time to truly put my thoughts into action. I might need sleep but what do I really need? The nighttime gives me feeling. I sometimes think “the sun watches what I do, but the moon knows all my secrets.” – J.M Wonderland

Maybe that is why I like the darkness of night so much. The sun fades and the world becomes bright in the midnight hours. Everything becomes real. In the day, the hours blur together as the time passes.  When it is dark, everything in life seems to resonate with me. It is when you see your true self in the darkest of moments.

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