Everything You Want is on the Opposite Side of Fear

Everything You Want is on The Opposite Side of Fear.

Fear is something that has controlled my actions & decisions for most of my life growing up into the person I am today. This is something I am not proud of, but it happens to a lot of people in the world for a variety of reasons/degrees. For some, fear can be a debilitating feeling that stops a person from doing what they want most in life, while for others it is just a ping of self-doubt passing through their mind. On the outside, I am confident in my actions, my positive outlook on life, and decisions but sometimes fear tends to get the best of my mind stopping me from pushing myself past the limits I know that capable of achieving. Since starting my senior year, this year I’ve been pushing past my limitations only to be happily surprised to what I thought was possible.

Fear I’ve learned is just an emotion, and I cannot let it control my life. Letting go and living for myself & the moments that make me happiest makes me feel most alive. 2018 is a year of taking every chance & dropping every fear for me. It’s a motto I try to live by day to day, reminding myself that staying the same is not an option. Changing, growing, evolving is a part of living the life you dream of!

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