How to Be Happy & Love Who You Are

Self-love & self-acceptance is something I’ve struggled with over the years, but at this point in my life, I am making the choice to strive towards what I want in my life. In accepting myself for all my flaws I would be accepting myself for everything I am as a person. My shyness, my laugh, my smile, my imperfections, everything. Self-love is not easy, but a necessary action you must take as yourself to proceed in the joy in your own life. Your own happiness is not up to the rest of the world, only you. 2018 has brought a lot of changes to my life since it is my last year in high school as I know it, so I made the decision to drastically revamp my life for the better. In changing my attitude and the people surrounding me, my life began to shift. I started a new retail adventure, updated my website, and tried to do the things in my life that scared me the most because that is what helped me grow the most as a person. This bravery led me to a place where I never knew I could go. Looking back on where I am today to where I was in my life just a few short years ago, I am amazed at the strides I have made throughout the hard times. Those hard times have given me a greater appreciation for the most vibrant moments.

Just a few short years ago I was a freshman in high school with a dream of having my own fashion blog. The thing was I lacked confidence in my passions. I truly did not love the person I was on the inside. I had to find self-acceptance within myself to allow vulnerability of my weakest points, in order to find my strongest. Now three years later it is the anniversary of when I started writing on this platform, and I am happier than ever! Starting my site was the first step in finding what makes me feel like sunshine! Happiness only depends on you, and what makes you inspired every single day to live the most meaningful life that you can with the moments you have.

How To Be Happy, Love Yourself, & Love Your Life Lindsey Hughes

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