Kylie Cosmetics Koko Kollection Kit Review

I’m so happy with my new purchase of The Koko Kollection Palette (in collaboration with sister Khloe Kardashian) from Kylie’s new line. To be honest, when the whole globe was buzzing about Kylie Cosmetics I must’ve been on another planet or something. Oddly enough at the time of her launching, I was re-organizing my vanity thinking “there’s no way I need all these products” trying in the process to downsize when this gorgeous palette was created. On an impulse, I ordered it online and let me tell you coming from my experience trying her beauty line for the first time ever it was worth every penny!

No lie when I got the package in the mail I was fangirling a little bit at the fact that one of my idols of the Kardashian/Jenner family had made something so wonderful to share with her fans. Her line has given fans the opportunity to see an insight on her true passion for the beauty industry/cosmetics as a whole. Kylie has said that her brand is completely hers, and hers alone. #GIRLBOSS

The colors in her palette are a mix of bright & golden hues complimenting any complexion. Rodeo Drive is a bright, bubbly hot pink satin shade that is buildable for the perfect flush of color on your cheeks. Next are my two favorite highlighters in the kit. The first is Troop Beverly Hills that is a satin shimmery gold & 90210 which is a golden rose gold shade. The two compliment each other very well as highlighters & eyeshadows alike. Sometimes if I’m going to an event, or feeling like going “glam” for the night I will layer both on my eyes a mix of bright gold and pink glitters. Lastly in the palette Hollywood Blvd. This shade is a medium toned bronzer that adds just the right amount of contour to your cheekbones, making a total statement in your makeup look. In contrast, if you’re looking for a more minimalistic approach to this face palette you could do this as well. I hope you all enjoyed my latest beauty review. Have a lovely day!

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