Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette Review

Reinventing the color nude has been outdone by Huda Beauty in her New Nude Palette. Over decades, the soft neutral has been thought of in a simplistic way only being defined as one shade rather than many. Huda Kattan was determined in her revamped cosmetics line to create a feeling of empowerment when investing in her dream. As a makeup artist in the industry, Huda Beauty launched at Sephora companies across the globe in 2013, making her one of the world’s newest influencers/entrepreneurs to newly define the beauty world. What was once a dream suddenly appeared as a reality for this influencer.

When I see an artist that has an eye for design seeing the product makes me appreciate the value of their craft so much more! Creativity in it of itself continues to amaze me with Huda Beauty. Every element that is made is created with the intention of greatness. As a brand, that is exactly what is expected.

The New Nude palette was designed to encompass sensuality, sexiness & empowerment for the individual using it, bringing a sense of passion to the makeup look you are looking to achieve. Inside the palette comes eighteen pigmented shadows including mattes, multi-reflective shades, shimmer-drenched glitters, and metallics. Rosy hues, dark mattes, and glittery sparkles dominate this palette. This has become my favorite palette out of my collection recently after experimenting with the gorgeous, pigmented shades.

The New Nude Palette for me has been the greatest form of self-expression when applying my makeup in the morning. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is just starting out in the makeup game or someone who is a makeup pro. The New Nude has a place for everyone who wants to exude happiness & confidence in the way they feel on the inside allowing themselves to shine on the outside.

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