Self-Love Loving Yourself First & Manifesting Happiness

Setting the intention to love yourself fully and fearlessly throughout your journey in this world sets the tone for every new love and passion you find within your life. Self-love has become a part of my life in every aspect because it gives me encouragement each day to become the person I am inspired to be. The art of loving yourself whole is a hard skill to master in a world that demands perfection rather than progression. Just like a flower that blooms YOU are blooming with each season that passes your soul shifts into each new phase of life. Soul searching was a major key factor in healing this year. My definition of healing was yoga & meditation as my daily practice. Meditation and yoga later led to me manifesting my desires to the universe spiritually leaving my emotions to a higher power than myself. My thoughts, desires, energy shifted into a new mode of growth. Having faith over fear in the unknown has brought peace into my life knowing that whatever is meant for me will find its way to me. Self-love has become a lifestyle that I will value for the rest of my life because it has taught me that loving myself from the inside out is necessary in life to become the best version of yourself that you wish to become in this world.

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