Meeting Stassi Schroeder Next Level Basic The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook

Stassi Schroeder is most known from Bravo’s hit show Vanderpump Rules. She is most well-known for her bold personality and having no-filter in her own life. After seven seasons of heartache and adventures in West Hollywood Stassi explores her Next Level Basic side to her personality, embracing her inner basic bitch. SUR Restaurant & Lounge is best served with disaster-filled nights full of drama, but that doesn’t stop Stassi Schroeder from being the queen of the lounge & the Hollywood area.

Her empire continues to rise as she runs her own podcast Straight up with Stassi and has transformed her once small fashion blog into a professional archive with a specialized style section with the latest trends styled by Stassi herself. This section includes style tips, makeup favorites, and much more. In her newest novel, the New-York Times Bestseller tells fans about growing up before her life hosting Vanderpump Rules on Bravo, finding her passion as a stylist/writer in the fashion world, and how this small reality show turned big.

Meeting the Vanderpump Rules star was an ultimate dream of mine. Being a fan of the show for so many years I was ecstatic when I had the opportunity to meet her in person. She’s always been one of my biggest inspirations within the industry for embracing everything that she is, especially her inner basic bitch. Her strong presence always inspires me to become a better version of myself in chasing my own dreams for the future.

A major theme discussed in the novel was female empowerment/being your own #GirlBoss in the world. To some, this may sound intimidating, but it is of my opinion that similar to Stassi’s if you do not make your presence known in the world it may be lost if you do not claim your strength/independence in this world. This left me wondering the question “If you don’t make a statement in this world, then who are you really?” Stassi shares stories of how independence among women is so undervalued in today’s world. Stassi spoke at the Woman of the Year Summit for Glamour Magazine promoting her new novel stating that independence is intimidating to those who cannot handle a strong woman’s presence. That to me is a total #GirlBoss moment in itself. She stands strong showing the world that the qualities some may define as ‘bitchy’ are the same attributes made to find your own pathway in life, creating a life that you love.

Stassi Schroeder Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Summit Article

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