Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette Review

Huda Beauty released her new Mercury Retrograde Palette for this holiday season. Inside of the purple packaging, there are cosmic shades named after the chaotic state of Mercury Retrograde in the world of astrology. The shades in the palette reflect the array of color combinations inside, including buttery metallics, high-shine shimmers, and multi-reflective eyeshadow pigments. The balancing of cool and warm tones contrast in the most beautiful way.

This new release is unlike anything this brand has ever done in my opinion. Huda Beauty has always been a company to test the limits of creation within the beauty world, but this palette in my mind is one that is essential for its versatility and variety it brings to any makeup look.

Inspired by the cosmos, the range of 18 eyeshadows was built behind the belief that the world outside of our sight exists. My favorites from the palette include Libra, Galaxy, Off-Balance, Haze, Nebula, Gold Glitch, and Hot Mess. All of these shades bring their own unique twist to an otherwise normal, neutral eyeshadow palette. Mercury Retrograde makes a bold statement. The intense color complexity allows a person to express themselves through the art of makeup. Expressing yourself through a creative outlet such as cosmetics can really improve your overall appreciation for the craft itself. If you are a beauty-lover like myself, I would highly recommend giving this a try. You won’t regret it.