Peach Bands Booty Bands Review

Building the best booty while working out and staying fit has now become effortless with my new Peach Bands Set. Inside, this set has 4 resistance bands built for your booty in varying weights based on your desired workout. Wrapped inside its pink packaging comes a variety of pinks and peachy coral bands for the perfect workout. Peach Bands has inspired me to find my love for fitness again. I was first drawn to the brand because of its online presence through its large social media following throughout the world. The brand has been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, POPSUGAR, and FabFitFun, so I thought it must be a great hit with the public. My fitness journey has consisted of spin cycling classes, weight-training, along with booty exercises to keep my body looking the best it can be. When working out I like to use the resistance bands as both an upper body and lower body workout tool. I like to keep my arms toned so I put the band behind my head and do lateral pull downs and arm raises. Then for my legs I like to do squats, lunges, leg raises, and donkey kicks to strengthen my core muscles. Over the past week of having the bands I have seen improvement in my overall workout routine. Especially working out from home, this is an easy add-on to any activity.

After the past few years of having an up and down battle with my self-image/self-love journey I have found courage in myself to start doing the things that make me happy again. That includes Sweat Cycling classes in my hometown, having best-friends as my workout buddies to motivate me to reach my highest potential, and to not stress too much about the end result, but rather the process of my fitness journey. Trusting the process of my life has allowed me to let go and be free in my life, being who I want to be. Letting go taught me to value my body as it gives me a life to live instead of an object of perfection. In an act of loving myself through my fitness journey I’ve learned striving for success in your outlook requires progression not perfection. No one is “perfect”. I’ve learned to love the skin I’m in, and that’s all that matters. I hope anyone looking to start their path to happiness again like I did has found something valuable in this review.

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