Koko Kollection True Mama Kylighter Review

The Koko Kollection is back but only for a limited time. In this collection, Khloe partnered with Kylie on her own makeup line within the brand promoting glosses, lipsticks, and my favorite the True Mama Kylighter. This highlighter is a soft rose gold shade, perfect for the warmer summer months approaching. I was instantly drawn to this highlighter because of it’s dewy, champagne gold finish on the skin. The True Mama Kylighter gives a subtle sheen while still giving a glow to your makeup look. Khloe’s collection with Kylie has been nothing short of amazing in my opinion.

When first applying the product, I loved how much color payoff there was in this pressed powder. Since it is buildable I was able to add more and more glow to achieve a radiant, luminous effect on the skin. Highlighters can apply very streaky to the skin, but this did not disappoint. The application was flawless and there was no fallout after applying.

When wearing the highlighter it had a significant amount of color payoff as an illuminating powder. This was amazing to see because when purchasing a product, I want to ensure that the product is just as glamorous as the packaging. From a design standpoint, Kylie nails the luxe pink and gold aesthetic. This added touch completes the look for Kylie’s brand. Appearance sets the tone for the rest of the collection, and this was very pretty packaging in my opinion. I’m intrigued to see what new releases come next for Kylie Cosmetics.

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