Dunkin Munchkins Lip Balm Review

Dunkin has released a limited-edition launch of seasonal munchkin-shaped lip balms at your local locations. After grabbing an iced coffee I noticed in the window there were little mini munchkin boxes filled with these goodies. As a coffee-lover myself, I was really excited when I saw these for the first time. The flavors are inspired by Dunkin’s most-loved donuts.
Mine I chose was a pumpkin spice perfect for the upcoming fall season. My first impression of  the set was that the design was very thoughtful for its audience. I loved the small details of the Dunkin-inspired munchkin box. I think it adds a lot of personality to the product the brand is promoting.
The lip balms are very moisturizing and small, so they’re easy to grab and go on a busy day. This set would be a perfect surprise for the special people in your life that are just as obsessed with iced coffee as you are. If you’re interested in this set be sure to pick one up soon, since they are limited-edition. I hope everyone enjoyed this review. Hopefully there will be more reviews to come for the Dunkin Brand.

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