Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Mini Palette Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills has released a new makeup item for the holiday season. This time, there’s a twist. The Soft Glam Palette has now turned mini. Velour gold material covers the product. Featured inside are 8 shadows and glitters from the full-sized palette. The Soft Glam palette was made for glamorous looks any time of day, or for a night out. This small, compact palette is perfect inside your purse on a busy day, laying around on your vanity before a big event, or on a lazy Sunday if your looking to experiment on the eyes for eyeshadow. Each row is filled with muted matte shadows and sparkly shimmers for any occasion.

When dipping into the cream colors of this ABH Collection, I use Tempera all over my lid as a base shadow to start, then adding Dreamer a pink champagne shimmer for added shine to my makeup look. Next I blend Mulberry a beautiful berry shade in my outer-corner, creating a champagne smokey eye makeup look. Personally this look I find to be perfect, because it’s bright across the eye while still having a sultry, sexy look for the season.

To me, the Soft Glam Mini Palette reminds me remain glamorous and graceful. On my worst day I reach for this palette, and instantly I feel better because I know the message and meaning behind the collection. As a buyer I always look for impactful brands and products. They make the makeup experience hold more meaning. This launch is one of my favorites so far from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Team for this upcoming holiday season.

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