Huda Beauty Naughty Nude Palette Review

Reimagining Huda Beauty’s New Nude Palette comes the Naughty Nude Palette. The Naughty Nude Palette was created to embrace your wild side unapologetically. Once the product was finished, ready to be sold to the public Huda gave her viewers an in-depth insight on the reasons why it was made. Huda’s handwriting holds the history behind the palette. She stated that she felt immense pain and shame growing up for who she was on the outside, which impacted her on the inside. Growing through this experience now as an entrepreneur, bad-ass business woman she wants to empower and inspire others through the art of makeup. Huda Beauty is centered around feeling sexy for yourself and no one else.

Feeling empowered in your own skin is something that is truly unmatched in this world. How you see yourself shines through with everything you do in your life. In a world that tells women to be everything except themselves, it’s courageous to shine for everything that you are for the world to see.

The Naughty Nude Palette comes with 18 shades for a sexy, sultry look. My two favorite pigments in the palette are Filthy a soft blush shade and Please Me a glitter pigment with a gold undertone to the eyeshadow. Both are very different, yet contrast in the best possible way. Filthy is a muted pastel shade that can be used all over the lid for a modern twist to the trend of bare beauty. Please Me reminds me of a bronzy, champagne shade that can be added to darken any makeup look up a bit. Both aspects of beauty are very different and still remain the same. There is no one true definition to this word. You as an individual can create what is beautiful to you using this array of shadows to create a masterpiece of your own. Beauty is anything you choose to make it.

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