10 Questions with Jess Bangaree

Today I’ll be interviewing Jess Bangaree a fashion influencer and digital creator about her experiences in the digital space of the world, as well as her career in The Big Apple.

  • What’s it like living in the Big Apple? – New York city is the heart of my inspiration. Growing up, living 15 minutes away from the city has ALWAYS been a blessing that I am grateful for every single day. The colors, energy, and uniqueness are what fuel my passion to create things that will resonate with people.
  • Who in the city is your biggest inspiration? – I get a lot of my inspiration from similar bloggers in New York City. There is something about seeing women create this content that makes you feel like you are a part of their adventures. I have a lot of idols that are also outside of the city and they push me to create things out of my small little area of the world.
  • Would you say city-life has influenced your current style? – I would say my current style is inspired by my past, present and I’m always looking to change and evolve for the future better! New York City is always where I get my best ideas because there’s so much going on and it for sure jumpstarts my creativity.
  • How did you discover your passion for social media within your career? -I discovered my love for content creation in college when I was constantly doing something. If it was with my friends, family, or just by myself, I looked at Instagram as a collection of my best memories. After college, the post-grad life was different and I didn’t know how to get used to it. Picking up Instagram has been the most incredible experience as my true creative outlet. I am able to inspire people in so many different ways, and that’s what motivates me to take it full speed.
  • Was there an experience that inspired you/changed you for the better within your career? – Behind every motivated person is definitely a story. For me, it was after college when I needed to step into the real world and get a ‘big girl job’. To say the least, I was pretty miserable. I was following the norm, having the same routine every single day 5 days a week. I felt drained even though I wasn’t working my hardest – That was my biggest indicator that I need something bigger than what I was settling for. Picking up Instagram has satisfied my creativity, and makes me feel like I am making an impact, something a 9-5 job could never give me.
  • What advice would you give someone dreaming of beginning a career like yours? – Keep dreaming and dream so big that you feel yourself outgrowing the things around you. It is ok to be uncomfortable. It is ok to feel different. It is ok to feel like you want more. These things can bring you to the next best thing. Do what is the best for YOU, and never feel bad about it. The consistency and drive are what get the most successful people the furthest.
  • If you could trade places with any celebrity/public figure who would it be & why? – I think if I had to trade places with anyone, it would be Delaney Childs. She has always been my muse and she lives in Cali, a life that I have never known! I would love to see what the vibes are like in a different part of the US.
  • What are some of your favorite beauty/skincare staples in your collection? – Some beauty products I have currently been loving are Dermalogica products, as I am someone who has dealt with acne for a large portion of my life. I also still swear by Mario Badescu facial sprays! I use them 3-4 times a day.
  • Have you ever been inspired to create your own brand for yourself? – Creating my own brand has ALWAYS been a huge goal of mine. It is in the game plan for the future (fingers crossed).
  • Where do you see yourself in the next year within business/career? – I’ve been taking things day by day but each month, I grow a little more. Sometimes I grow more than I ever anticipated. I feel that within this career and hobby, things can change rather quickly depending on consistency. I hope to be at 10k followers next year and definitely want to have more collaborations under my belt. My goal is to never stop growing, learning and moving towards the next best thing!

To keep up with Jess you can find her on Instagram posting her latest & greatest trends. 💋💋 https://www.instagram.com/jessbangaree/

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