My Interview with Katie Creative Co

  • How did you come up with the concept of Katie Creative Co? Kate Creative Co started out of my desire to create a positive and uplifting place to land on social media. Social media can be so negative and harmful, but I have always seen it as a place that if you want to follow the right people can be inspiring, uplifting, and positive. I wanted Katie Creative Co to be that place.
  • What inspired you to start a small business? – Truly, my business started on accident. I was drawing and illustrating for fun and sharing it on social media and as my page grew, the demand for products grew. I started with stickers but have since grown and changed into a self care collective offering me time essentials for the bold and beautiful!
  • What was the concept behind your most recent release The Caffeine Collection? – As anyone who follows me on social media knows, I am obsessed with coffee. When I was realigning my brand and going in more of a self-care direction, I began to think about the most serene and enjoyable parts of my day and immediately my morning coffee came to mind. I wanted to design cups to make people’s morning just a bit more fun and the caffeine collection was born!
  • At what time did you think you wanted to become a graphic designer? – I would consider myself more a content creator than a graphic designer if we could use that phrase, or even social media specialist. I started off my college career as an education major. Growing up around parents and grandparents who didn’t work in creative fields, I didn’t even know many of these kinds of fields existed. After being elected as VP – Public Relations for my sorority, my eyes were opened to the world of content creation and social media management. I realized that not only did I love it but I was also talented in it. Soon after, I switched my major and began to pursue a career in social media and content creation.
  • Along with being a graphic designer, how is running your own podcast Check Your Aesthetic Podcast? – CYA is probably my favorite thing that I do. Alexis and I started the podcast out of need. We were lucky to have each other to lean on for advice, to rant, or really just to have someone to understand the industry but we realized not everyone had that. So, we created Check Your Aesthetic Podcast – The go-to podcast for self-starting creative twenty-somethings. On the pod, you’ll catch open and honest conversations around entrepreneurship, social media, design, self-care, and trends, within the creative industry. As Alexis and I have said, we are just two girls who have made a bunch of mistakes and want to help other girls avoid making the same ones.
  • Is there any piece of inspirational advice you would like to tell your audience. – If you spend your entire life worrying about what other people think of you, you will never get anywhere. Let go of other people’s judgements and expectations of you and go after what you want!
  • Was there a point in your career where you considered reinventing your brand? If so, why? – Yes and I did! Because I started my business so quickly, I really didn’t have a plan so a couple of months ago I realigned my business and came up with more of a plan. If you want to hear more about how I did that, check out Episode 42 and 47 of Check Your Aesthetic!
  • How would you say you’ve changed creatively since starting your small-business? – I have definitely grown so much creatively since starting my business. I have learned where my skills lie and where I may lack and learned to be comfortable with that. I have also learned that it’s ok not to box yourself in– you can still stick to one “aesthetic” while giving yourself some room to breathe creatively.
  • How would you define your own aesthetic? – I am attaching the KCC vision statement here because I feel like it describes KCC super well– much better than I could with just visual words.

Katie Creative Co. is a self-care collective that inspires, encourages, and equips its community to live fuller, more creative, and happier lives through lifestyle products and more. From the moment someone enters our “world”—whether via socials, the Check Your Aesthetic Podcast, our website, or elsewhere—they instantly feel seen. They know they have a place in the KCC community. Their mood shifts and brightens because of our uplifting, relatable content and fun, unique products; they’re immediately inspired to create more beautiful moments in their everyday life. When someone chooses to start integrating KCC products into their self-care and wellness routine, they experience the joy of supporting a small, woman-owned business, but they also experience much more than that…KCC supporters and customers feel like they’re a part of something—a movement that brings mental health to the front of the conversation. A community that believes and embodies the fact that taking great care of yourself isn’t a chore, it isn’t a luxury, it’s a fun and romanticized part of their daily and weekly routine. It’s our vision to make the little moments in our people’s lives even sweeter, so they keep coming back for more of what makes them feel alive, creative, encouraged, and free.

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