My Interview with Mackenzie Judge Host of The Blondie Beauty Podcast

The Blondie Beauty Podcast is a podcast about all things beauty industry. From beauty trends, products, launches, business, and so much more! This podcast is the place for all things beauty-related. Today, I will be interviewing host Mackenzie Judge to talk about how she began her business as a the host of her own podcast, where she is in her career currently, and where she hopes her business will take her for the future.

What made you motivated to launch your beauty podcast The Blondie Beauty Podcast? – I’ve always had an intense passion for all aspects of beauty & within the last couple of years as I’ve wrapped up my athletic career & my college degree, I have been able to put much more focus on this passion. I actually created a beauty blog first which is still up & published, but while I was writing for this blog I realized that I wanted to make more connections & talk more with experts & people in the industry. I interned for a Forbes contributor for two years who also had her own business focused podcast & so I already knew a lot of how to do the back-end work to create a podcast. I decided to launch a beauty podcast to connect with more industry names as well as create content to an audience that loves beauty as much as I do.

How did you decide on what to name your podcast & why? – My whole life I’ve been super bright blonde & it’s always been a nickname or just something people have known me by, is being super blonde. I wanted to mix a little bit of a personal aspect into the name of my podcast & I also loved the idea of Blondie Beauty because of the BB initials we could brand with & use. It makes everything so cute & easy!

In one word what would you say your motto/message is to your listeners? – I would say learn would be my one word as my message to listeners because you truly can never stop learning – especially in the beauty industry. I learn something new every time I interview a guest & I truly love being a constant student of the industry. Knowledge is so important & the more you can learn about your industry, the better it will help you in your own venture of business.

How has your experience been hosting your own podcast? – I LOVE it! I look forward to every aspect from working with my team, creating graphics, planning out guest episodes, connecting with industry leaders & experts, getting to try tons of products & formulations, connecting with my audience on a personal level, working on creating content for them with episodes, giveaways, newsletters, etc! I feel so lucky to be able to do this!

What motivated you to break into the beauty industry with your platform? – My passion for beauty is really what makes me just so driven to always create the best content I can & to be a practitioner in the space really. I love trying all kinds of beauty, talking about it & working with everyone. Our industry really is the best!

Have you had any favorite guests featured on The Blondie Beauty Podcast? – Oh my gosh, I have had some amazing guests on the pod & I am so grateful for every single one of them for taking the time to come on my podcast. I will say I fangirled over Jamie O’Banion, who is the founder of BeautyBio. I’ve always loved her skincare & she’s just such an inspo to me! Lena Korres was amazing to have on to talk about her skincare empire that she’s built, Jessica Chia, who is an amazing pillar to Allure as a whole, Divya Gugnani, the Co-Founder of Wander Beauty, ah the list goes on & on!

What has been the most inspirational part of having this platform in your opinion & why? – I will say I get so inspired by my guests as well as my listeners. My guests really inspire me to keep following my dreams in the beauty industry because a true entrepreneur is never done with where they’re at! My listeners are so inspiring because they will reach out & tell me that they love listening & look forward to listening & that means the world to me! I always want to make sure I’m providing the best content that I can for them!

Are there any beauty trends/beauty brands you’re loving this season? – Ohhh I’m always all about glow! Anything radiant, dewy, shimmer, send it my way! There are so many amazing brands with a glow focus right now that I’m loving, but just a couple off the top of my head would be Patrick Ta Beauty, Westman Atelier, Wander Beauty, Tom Ford, Rodial & Lawless Beauty!

Describe your everyday beauty routine. – Okay for everyday, I don’t get super duper glam but I will always wear a full face. I always do my morning skincare before glam & then I’ll go in with a light cc cream, a bronzer, a glowy blush, a highlight, usually a one wash color on my eyes, brows, a little mascara & a lip! I always always always do nighttime skincare as well & I am someone who washes my hair every night! Lots of at home blow outs.

Do you see yourself involved in the beauty industry long-term? – Absolutely. I am not someone who would work well in the corporate job world. I am so used to working on the go, thinking quickly, handling a million tasks at once, keeping up with the industry & balancing personal life. I could never just sit at a desk & work under someone else my whole life – nothing wrong with it, just not for me! I love the beauty industry because it keeps up with my lifestyle!

Do you imagine yourself creating your own beauty line in the future? – Something may be in the works, you’ll have to see!

For the future of The Blondie Beauty Podcast where do you your brand going? – My goal for the pod is to continue to grow it while it’s still in its first couple years. I definitely want to continue having on amazing guests & keeping it on a weekly basis! My team & I work constantly to make it as accessible & fun for our audience as possible so I would love to see it continue to grow! We love to try to throw in new things all the time as well so be on the lookout for collabs, giveaways & more!

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