My Love of Poetry

Why do I love poetry? Just as a song tells a beautiful story of a person through music, words do the same for me. Writing allows me to express my true feelings about myself and the world around me without saying a thing. This truly speaks volumes. I always loved writing and poetry since I was a little kid. I would always get caught in class doodling on papers and drifting off looking at the sky outside the window. Daydreaming always was a daily occurrence for me since I never felt like I belonged at school. It was my happy place.

I knew every day I could come into school that if one day I was ever by myself without a friend I could always write about anything! How wonderful my day was, or the drama that unfolded at lunch. There was always something that caught my eye no matter what it was. It was a part of me that I knew always belonged and that was never lost compared to many other aspects of my life. I could depend on it.

Recently I have been reading a book written by R.M. Drake named A Brilliant Madness. Many celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have posted his heartfelt messages on Instagram which made me intrigued to know more. I sat in Barnes and Noble for more than 2 hours sipping my latte, and by that time I knew I had to buy it since I’d already read a half the book. I seriously could live in a book store! I would never get bored. If you like his poetry you’ll definitely his books. Check out his website for more details!


The Kim K Game v.s. The Kendall & Kylie Game

As you all probably have guessed I love the Kardashians! Think what you want but they’ve always been my favorite celebrities since I was little. In the App Store Kim created her own game (story) mirroring her real life in Hollywood. Once you create your own character your catapulted into a world of fame, with none other than your manager and publicist Simon and Maria. They’ll help you navigate through jobs, romance, and many other things. When you arrive you can explore whatever you want the choice is up to you. When I first started the game I went straight to my closet scouring through all the fashion and makeup. You have to have options. ☺️  Once I got dressed in my best outfit I was all about TRAVEL! I went to Paris first and went on a date. Cheesy I know but I’m a sucker for romance. It was really fun! You can from there earn points boosting your relationship. The more dates you go on the more your relationship improves. 


This is also very similar to the Kendall & Kylie game that just got released. You again can create your own character but this time your a Vlogger. In case you guys don’t know what that is it’s a person who is a video blogger just like a YouTuber. You find a job at this hair salon and start making videos with your new friend Emily thinking nothing will happen… well your wrong. The video goes viral making you a internet sensation overnight! You happen to catch Kendall & Kylie Jenner one day at a party, and you become instant best friends. From then on you can become one of the most well-known people in the industry that is if you keep everyone interested. Have fun exploring! You’ll love it. 😊


4 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your BFFs

Valentine’s Day can be all about romance, but it can also be about loving and appreciating the special people in your life right now. If your single this Valentine’s Day here are some fun things to do with your friends.

  1. Pampering Session (Girls Night In)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to splurge on the most important person YOURSELF. Solo or with your bff, set up a facial or massage just for you two. Not feeling like going out. You can always do your own spa night! It’s the perfect alternative. Usually on a night in I like to test out some new face masks, and nail polishes and just chill. Sometimes you just need a night to relax, light some candles, and watch Netflix.

2. Plan a Night Out

Instead of planning a fun night out with your boyfriend, spend a fun date night with your friends. Stereotypical or not, it’s still fun!  Go shopping! Find an outfit that screams you! This will make your day a whole lot better. Having an evening out is a perfect way to ensure you don’t feel lonely. Trust me I know how it feels. Sitting home getting all emotional over some Nicholas Sparks romance that you think you should have. It’s the worst! Make sure to have fun! 😊  

3. Make Time with Your Family

Whether it’s going out to dinner or just talking over coffee it’s good to catch up on what people are doing in their lives if you don’t get to see them often. It let’s them know you care. 

 4. Try Something New

Trying new things is always an awesome feeling. When trying something new I go into it with an open mind because you never know what could happen. Working out for example. I used to hate running and now I love it! Be adventurous!


A Year of Blogging 💋

January is officially the one year mark for Beauty By Hailey! 😊 Just last year I started my own blog, not just as a blogger but as a writer. It’s surprising how one year can change everything. When I started I didn’t know what I was doing at all. Watching YouTube videos was a part of my routine. I would come home and watch every video in my subscription box. I aspired to be like my favorite YouTubers, so one day I decided to make my first post. I was just a girl from Boston putting her dreams into action. Little did I know that the #1 Global Community Her Campus would be contacting me asking me to work as a part of their team. When I got the email I was shocked! That one email sparked something inside me to keep doing what I love. It didn’t matter how many views or likes I got, it was truly what I wanted to do. That is the most important part. If you love something go for it! “If you never chase your dreams you’ll never catch them.” 



2016 The Year of YOU

Going into this year I got a fortune it said “Any rough times are behind you.” 2015 was a really hard, but great year for me. This past year I was focused too much on pleasing other people and not pleasing myself. When in that mindset you think too much about what the people around you will think. It doesn’t matter. This year I’m living my life for me and no one else. In the past I have done certain things or held back because that’s what other people in my life wanted. Well not anymore! It doesn’t make you feel good to always be living in someone’s shadow always doing things for them and not you. This year is a fresh start, and I’m going to be the me I want to be. 2016 will be a year filled with positivity and happiness. I met some of my best friends this year and have made some memories I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to see what this year holds. I was reading something earlier and it said “What a wonderful thought is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.” It is true we don’t know what lies in our future, but as long as we live in the moment we will be our happiest. This is what I’m looking for in 2016 to be truly the happiest I’ve ever been…to experience new things I never have, live my life fearlessly, and to know the feeling of what it is to love and be loved.