L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara Review

L’Oreal Paris has formulated an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winning volumizing mascara. Inside of its pink packaging is the L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara. The wavy, soft applicator makes it easy gliding across your lashes for maximum volume and length. This mascara lengthens my lashes, curls perfectly, and has such pretty packaging. I was first drawn to this product because of its reviews from various influencers in the beauty community on YouTube.

Many said it was a more in-expensive version of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara for half the price. Instantly I was intrigued. I love finding new beauty steals for a discounted price, so I thought I would give this a try.

My first impression of the mascara was that it gave a very feathery look to my lashes. The product made my lashes lifted, and longer in length. In my makeup collection I’ve tried lots for my lashes, and the Lash Paradise Mascara has been one I have been using since the summer months. This product is very simplistic, yet buildable. You can use this with no makeup for added dimension. I would suggest this product to anyone just starting out with makeup who is looking to experiment and try new products.

What’s in My Purse Michael Kors Edition

My new signature bag in my collection is my Opal White Michael Kors Sandrine Studded Crossbody. I was drawn to this purse because of it’s chic, polished appearance. On the outside there are silver studs along the corners surrounding the bag. The bag also has an adjustable strap to style/wear many different ways. When you open the purse it has a nude interior with silver detailing on the pockets and zipper compartments. I’ll admit that my absolute favorite thing in my closet is my purse collection, and more recently I have been receiving questions wanting to know what my “go-to” products that I carry with me every day. Inside my purse I carry only my essentials since I am a gal on the go most days. With my busy schedule, I am running from place to place and only have time for the most important things around me that are easily accessible. Here’s what’s inside my bag.
My Wallet – My Kate Spade Wallet holds the key to my shopaholic ways. Without it, I don’t know if my style would ever be the same.

Mini Perfume – While out traveling I like to always have on hand a little perfume in case I need to go somewhere important that night, or just want to add a nice touch to my look that day. My favorite perfume lately has been Bombshell Night’s By Victoria’s Secret. This scent includes fragrance notes of Champagne, Purple Dahlia, and Golden Woods.

My Fenty Glow Gloss-Bomb Gloss – Lipgloss is always a MUST for me when I’m traveling since it adds just the right amount of color to your lips when wearing little to no makeup, or full-face makeup. Usually, if you see me I’ll be wearing Fenty Beauty’s Gloss-Bomb on my lips. This Nude stain is my favorite shade in my collection.

My Sunglasses – During the day I always wear my sunglasses. My eyes are naturally very sensitive, so if I’m driving I always just have them lying around in my bag. I’m sure if you follow my Instagram you might have seen a million pictures of me wearing my statement Cat-eye Coach Frames.

My iPhone – Lastly, yet most importantly I always need to have my iPhone with me. My phone is my lifeline to social media apps such as this one. This helps me access my apps, personal contacts, photos, music, etc.

What do you carry in your bag? I would love to know in the comments below. Have a lovely day!🥰

Dunkin Munchkins Lip Balm Review

Dunkin has released a limited-edition launch of seasonal munchkin-shaped lip balms at your local locations. After grabbing an iced coffee I noticed in the window there were little mini munchkin boxes filled with these goodies. As a coffee-lover myself, I was really excited when I saw these for the first time. The flavors are inspired by Dunkin’s most-loved donuts.
Mine I chose was a pumpkin spice perfect for the upcoming fall season. My first impression of  the set was that the design was very thoughtful for its audience. I loved the small details of the Dunkin-inspired munchkin box. I think it adds a lot of personality to the product the brand is promoting.
The lip balms are very moisturizing and small, so they’re easy to grab and go on a busy day. This set would be a perfect surprise for the special people in your life that are just as obsessed with iced coffee as you are. If you’re interested in this set be sure to pick one up soon, since they are limited-edition. I hope everyone enjoyed this review. Hopefully there will be more reviews to come for the Dunkin Brand.

Koko Kollection True Mama Kylighter Review

The Koko Kollection is back but only for a limited time. In this collection, Khloe partnered with Kylie on her own makeup line within the brand promoting glosses, lipsticks, and my favorite the True Mama Kylighter. This highlighter is a soft rose gold shade, perfect for the warmer summer months approaching. I was instantly drawn to this highlighter because of it’s dewy, champagne gold finish on the skin. The True Mama Kylighter gives a subtle sheen while still giving a glow to your makeup look. Khloe’s collection with Kylie has been nothing short of amazing in my opinion.

When first applying the product, I loved how much color payoff there was in this pressed powder. Since it is buildable I was able to add more and more glow to achieve a radiant, luminous effect on the skin. Highlighters can apply very streaky to the skin, but this did not disappoint. The application was flawless and there was no fallout after applying.

When wearing the highlighter it had a significant amount of color payoff as an illuminating powder. This was amazing to see because when purchasing a product, I want to ensure that the product is just as glamorous as the packaging. From a design standpoint, Kylie nails the luxe pink and gold aesthetic. This added touch completes the look for Kylie’s brand. Appearance sets the tone for the rest of the collection, and this was very pretty packaging in my opinion. I’m intrigued to see what new releases come next for Kylie Cosmetics.

Belonging Poem Inspired By Marilyn Monroe💋

She belonged to all, yet no one. Her voice echoed through the minds of those who loved her, but never seemed to become loud enough only in silence. That’s when her presence was truly known. She understood the intimate cracks of her mind, which no one understood. Her sense of soul was all her own. That was the beginning of belonging in a world that didn’t feel like her own.